Xenon review

Yes, I know that in my last review I promised to get away from the stars, but I spent the last weekend playing some old arcade titles and thus decided to write a small review that just happens to be of a classic shoot’ em’ up. Sorry. Anyway, today’s subject is Xenon (the DOS version, obviously).

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Space Quest II review

So, the new MCU movie, Captain Marvel, is on cinemas right now and as far as I remember, Carol Danvers isn’t in any video game whatsoever, so I decided to just review a classic sci-fi game set in space. And why not Space Quest II?

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Quarantine review

Everybody knows that one of the most influential videogames ever to be released for the PC was Doom. So much so that shortly afterwards a bunch of games with very similar gameplay and graphical engines were released, which became known as “Doom clones”. I’ve already reviewed one of these clones (and the original Doom), but today we’re going to take a look at one of the few Doom clones that dared to add something extra. I’m talking about Quarantine.

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SimCity review

And again we’re going to take a look at not just a truly classic game, but also a highly influential title that helped define an entire genre spawned several clones and influenced several other titles. I’m talking about the one and only SimCity.

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Important announcement

Just to announce that Retro Freak Reviews has officially joined Indie Retro News, where you also can enjoy our reviews and other retro gaming related news.

Eye of the Beholder review

It’s a whole new year and I made a New Year’s resolution: I decided to try finishing any past games I left unfinished before trying any new game and that includes today’s subject, Eye of the Beholder!

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Discord server

Hello everyone! How are you? Just to announce our new Discord server:


Join us and say hello to Florin, our moderator!