Important announcement

Just to announce that Retro Freak Reviews has officially joined Indie Retro News, where you also can enjoy our reviews and other retro gaming related news.

Discord server

Hello everyone! How are you? Just to announce our new Discord server:

Join us and say hello to Florin, our moderator!

End of the year balance

Well, it looks like another year is finishing and a new one is starting. 2018 was without a doubt a busy year personally and although Retro Freak Reviews has grown in both quality and views, I confess I didn’t post as many reviews as in 2017. But I still think the reviews I posted this year were without a doubt better.

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Instagram account opened

Hello everyone!

Just to say that Retro Freak Reviews now has an Instagram account in

Be sure to join us and to keep on playing!

Pool for the upcoming developer month

For the upcoming month of March, I’m going to do another retrospective month. But this time it’ll be a retro studio that was bought and consequently closed by EA. And you’re going to choose between FOUR candidates in this pool:

So to vote, click on the link above and choose which studio will receive a retrospective in this blog next March. Until then, keep on playing.

New Steam group! Just to announce that Retro Freak Reviews now has a Steam group and I've become a Steam Curator. Jump here to join the group and follow my recommendations. Enjoy and keep on playing.