Theme Park DOS review

Now, we’re just upping the ante, aren’t we? Still, it’s impossible to make a Bullfrog retrospective without mentioning another critical and commercial success, which is perhaps their most colourful game that also begun its own influential series. I’m talking about Theme Park.

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Syndicate DOS review

Well, this retrospective sure is going slow, isn’t it? Sorry for taking so long, but because of recent work issues, I no longer have a lot of free time. And it happened all of a sudden, without notice, so I couldn’t cancel anything or plan around it.

Anyway, today’s review is probably of my favourite Bullfrog title (apart from Theme Hospital and the original Dungeon Keeper, that is): Syndicate.

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Populous review

Well, it isn’t too hard to figure out which Bullfrog game I’ll start reviewing for this retrospective. And it’s only fair that I start with Bullfrog’s first and possibly biggest success ever: Populous.

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Bullfrog history and retrospective

Well, as you recall, last year I did a Sierra retrospective and apparently, you all loved it. So, this year I decided to do something different: I did a pool for which retro studio closed by EA (just to remind everyone that EA now stands for Eldritch Abomination) would you like to see a retrospective from and you all chose Bullfrog. So, this year’s Retro Developer Month has dedicated to British iconic developer studio Bullfrog.

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Pool for the upcoming developer month

For the upcoming month of March, I’m going to do another retrospective month. But this time it’ll be a retro studio that was bought and consequently closed by EA. And you’re going to choose between FOUR candidates in this pool:

So to vote, click on the link above and choose which studio will receive a retrospective in this blog next March. Until then, keep on playing.