Top10 Best Retro Arcade PC Ports

If you read this blog’s guidelines, you know that I don’t normally review ports, console or arcades games. Mostly I do this to give exclusive PC games a chance to shine. But how about arcade ports released on the PC? And instead of reviews, why not a Top10? Think of it as a way to bend my guidelines. But before that, some basic rules:

  1. Only retro ports of arcade titles are featured. That means any port released for the PC up to 1999, included. There won’t be any mention of modern ports of retro arcade titles (e.g.: D&D Chronicles of Mystara or Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection).
  2. Only official releases. No clones or fan-made games (e.g.: PC-Man or Mario Bros VGA).
  3. To make the list more diverse, only one game per series or franchise is allowed. You won’t find entire collections in one entry.
  4. I haven’t played every single retro arcade port out there, so if you think of any title that should be on this list, mention it in the comments below.
  5. I rated the list based on the faithfulness of the ports, if they’re fun to play and if they’ve aged well.
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Monster Bash review

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Especially for ghosts, goblins and other creatures of the night. Welcome to our special Halloween review. And this time we have quite the eerie delicacy prepared just for you all. I’m talking about Monster Bash.

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Commander Keen episodes 2 and 3 review

Blimey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? OK, first things first, I’d like to apologise for the absence, mostly due to personal stuff and some professional stuff here and there. To make up for it, I’ll review 2 games in one go (well, more like 2 parts of one game). Time to protect the galaxy with Commander Keen!

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Blackthorne DOS review

Well, like I promised last time, today’s review is from a GOOD action PC game and it’s also one of the 1st games produced by a famous game developer. I’m talking about Blackthorne.

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Duke Nukem review

I think reviewing the 1st titles of popular gaming franchises that still continue to nowadays has become sort of a running theme around here, hasn’t it? Then again, a lot of popular gaming characters have humble beginnings, like probably the manliest character in videogame history having started in a shareware title. And believe it or not, I’m talking about Duke Nukem.

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DuckTales DOS review

With the return of the most ear-catching cartoon theme song of all times (and the show too) to TV, I decided to take a look at the videogame. No, not the popular NES version but the DOS version instead. I’m talking about DuckTales (WOOHOO!).

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Commander Keen Episode I review

One of the early ways to distribute computer software before the advent of the Internet was through shareware. And like the name implies, is basically the sharing, copying and free distribution of software between its users, with little restrictions placed upon it. It was a great way for small software companies to present and distribute their products freely. Not to be confused with demos!

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