Star Wars DOS review

2 years ago, a new tradition began around Christmas, but it doesn’t have anything to do with it. I’m talking about the new Star Wars movies, which are now released around this time. And I decided to review a Star Wars game along with them (I tried to review one last May 4th, but I didn’t had the time and my laptop was broken). Last year, I reviewed the first title in the Jedi Knight series, Dark Forces. But this year, we’re going to take a look at the first Star Wars game ever released for PC: the DOS port of 1983’s Star Wars!

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Commander Keen Episode I review

One of the early ways to distribute computer software before the advent of the Internet was through shareware. And like the name implies, is basically the sharing, copying and free distribution of software between its users, with little restrictions placed upon it. It was a great way for small software companies to present and distribute their products freely. Not to be confused with demos!

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Space Quest I review

Like I said before, we’ll continue our Sierra retrospective by going to SPAAAAAACE! More specifically, Space Quest I.

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The Dig review

While licensed games or games based on movies have a bad reputation (mainly because most of them are cash grabs), we can’t help but at least glance at games with famous people attached to it. And even after enjoying a playable demo of said game, expectations are naturally high.

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Inca review

Happy New Year! And let’s just hope it’ll be better than 2016. And like I said last year, we’ll begin with my very first request: Inca for DOS.

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Star Wars™ Dark Forces review

Show of hands! Who’s here has already seen Rogue One, the new Star Wars™ movie? Wow, all of you? I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s freaking STAR WARS™ after all!

As you all know, Rogue One is the story of how the Rebel Alliance got their hands in the Death Star plans. But in the old canon (before Disney bought the rights to Star Wars™ and decreed the Expanded Universe as non-canon) those plans were stolen by perhaps the most famous character outside the movies: Kyle Katarn. In fact, you do just that right on the first level of Dark Forces (which was basically the demo).

Yes, there’s a Star Wars™ Doom clone. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO AND PLAY IT!

… I suppose I should tell you more about it.

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