Lands of Lore: the Throne of Chaos review

Wow, more than 6 months without a review. Again, I apologise for this long hiatus but a lot of personal and professional stuff happened (without counting the present crisis). Everything’s more or less fine now, but let’s just say that I had quite the struggle. Anyway, I decided to finally finish and, consequently, review one of the games I had in my backlog for ages. I’m talking about the 1st Lands of Lore.

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Eye of the Beholder review

It’s a whole new year and I made a New Year’s resolution: I decided to try finishing any past games I left unfinished before trying any new game and that includes today’s subject, Eye of the Beholder!

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Pool for the upcoming developer month

For the upcoming month of March, I’m going to do another retrospective month. But this time it’ll be a retro studio that was bought and consequently closed by EA. And you’re going to choose between FOUR candidates in this pool:

So to vote, click on the link above and choose which studio will receive a retrospective in this blog next March. Until then, keep on playing.