New Page and new life

If you got in the blog recently, you’ve probably noticed something different. Yes, that’s right, Retro Freak Reviews not only got a fresh new paint job (that might be tweaked in the following weeks) but also a new domain:

Not only that, but now you can follow Retro Freak Reviews on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check them out and give me a shout out. And on top of that, also a Twitch channel to watch me fail and suck at playing retro PC games. Don’t worry, I’ll announce it when streaming.

Also be ready for a new review for next week and something special for Halloween.

Until then, keep on playing!

Blog update and news

Hello everyone. I know I haven’t update the blog or published a new review for over a month and I really apologize for it. The reason is that, like I’ve said before, my new full-time job has taken a lot of my time and I don’t have a lot of free time. However, starting next month, things are going to change.

No, I’m not abandoning the blog (this is a labor of love for me), I’m actually renovating it and bringing a lot of new stuff, starting with a new review I’ll have it ready at the start of October, along with 2 new reviews for the rest of the month.

So, hang in there and I promise you’ll have a great retro time! And while you’re at it, keep on playing!